Chapter 5 4

A Gaming Arcade That Time Forgot (Four)

We’d had to wait. There’d been a crowd.

I have this damn song in my head. Over and over.

ORDA Agents Nate had said.

This damn place is making me itch.

The crowd would have been fun.

I don’t even know what this damn song is!

Slipped in through a back way. Under the cordon. Just one local watch guy. He hadn’t been a problem.

“Hey Denny-” I bypass the sub-routine.

There’s not a lot to see in the parking lot.

Dum dum di di dum di-

Everyone’s gone of course. Two of The Bears goons are in custody. Eddie goes to see what he can find out.

Dum di di di dum-

The goons are in a van just past the entrance. We bust in and grab one. There’s quite a lot of shouting.

Dum dum- I turn off the audio feed. That music was doing my head in.

In some back alley… I persuade the goon to talk. I can be persuasive when I need to be. It makes me laugh.

The goon is pretty beat up when we head off. If he’s lucky his fingers will mend.

I fancy listening to some music so I turn the feed back on.

Looks like we’re gonna be going East.

Dum dum dum di di dum.

“Hey Denny! You have any idea how nuts you are?”