Chapter 5 1

A Gaming Arcade That Time Forgot (One)

Liars was already an abandoned ghost town by the time I was growing up. But my old man told us the story that his nan had been told by her nan.

Liars had been a quaint holiday destination. This quirky picturesque town up near the tops.

The townsfolk had started this tradition of crafting sculptures and figurines for their gardens from the scrap and debris which had broken off the pipes. The town became populated by these comic characters and it became a thing for the tourists to walk through the village and spot them. They’d be peeking out of bushes or up on the top of telegraph poles. That kind of thing.

Over time there became a trend for the sculptures to become larger and more elaborate. A culture of oneupmanship developed as the town folk competed to create the most grandiose figures and attract the most tourists.

The tradition reached a peak when one family built a 1:1 scale replica of a Gen 1 Tank Bob in their front garden. By all accounts the damn thing was sixty feet high and blocked the noon sun from the town square.

The sorry events that followed became known as ‘The War of the Joneses’ and resulted in the near destruction of the town, the deaths of nearly one thousand townsfolk and the deployment of two armoured divisions from the Tycho Crater Army in an attempt to restore order.

The fighting only ended after the arrival in orbit of the RPN Destroyer Gorgon and the threat of orbital bombardment loomed.

No reparations were ever payed and the town became abandoned over the following decades.