Chapter 5 2

A Gaming Arcade That Time Forgot (Two)

Everyone knew Abner.

But then I guess at the same time no one really knew Abner.

Abner. The self proclaimed mayor of Liars. The Arch Duke of Hoarding.

To me he’d always been this crazy old guy who lived up near the Tops. Up in that thin air where the craters gave way to the planets true surface.

He’d come down every now and then. Probably once a month to the old market at the Quadd. His old Gurtz wagon overloaded to the point it should have tipped over. He’d trade his stuff and then head back with a wagon than seemed no less loaded.

After I came to know Rad and the other two bozos I realised Abner could supply other things as well.

Illicit tech, forbidden hardware, forgotten knowledge. Pretty much anything else you could think of.

And right now, as I stand in his crappy store room packed to the rafters in every direction with junk and rust, he was supplying something so much more.

Right now he was offering a place to go.

Now that we had nowhere to go.

Right now he was offering… adventure.