A tourists guide: The Gun Quay Watch House

The Gun Quay Watch House, AkwaMaw Point, BeachWald, Kokoni

Of the few man-made structures scattered across continental UltraSamp which are known to predate the current age, two stand out as being ancient beyond measure.

The Red Pedestal; the eighty-metre-high column of unknown material which looms over UltraSamp from its location in the centre of Garden. And, The Gun Quay Watch House; situated at AkwaMaw point on the natural border between the countries of BeachWald and Geld.

AkwaMaw is an inaccessible finger of granite jutting out into the Northern Atalantic Ocean which is battered unceasingly by fifty-foot-high waves and gale force winds. The ancient sentinel housed atop the jagged rocks has long baffled both historians, as to its purpose and engineers who debate what it is made of and how it was ever constructed on such an unforgiving site.

There is evidence to suggest that Gun Quay will occasionally transmit short radio bursts detectable at obscure frequencies. No serious effort has ever been made to substantiate the claims and the phenomenon remains as one of Kokoni’s many enigmatic mysteries.

Scholars have long argued as to which of the two structures is in fact the oldest.

I see the argument as moot. Considering how they turned the base of the Red Pedestal into a kebab shop.