A tourists guide: The Stacks

There’s something… off, about the stacks.

Aside from the fact it’s built on the scrap tip from the early days of the reclamation. Grey and white code tech that nobody wanted, even though there was nothing left. Imagine, garbage of such quality that not one person could think of a use for it.

And aside from how it’s populated by, what one can only describe as, the worst scum to wander the face of the planet. We’re fortunate perhaps, that the worst of the worst are all contained in one single area. A conglomerate of hoodlums, con-men, tricksters and thieves. The only reason the murder rate down there is relatively low, is because the denizens of these wretched scrap piles realized early doors that killing a man today means you can’t rob him tomorrow. And again, the day after.

There’s also the fact that The Bear has made the hole and its towers into a veritable fortress of villainy. Honestly, while The Watch will have at least some visible presence in The Quads*. It would take some pretty rat shit insane bravado to be flashing a badge in the depths of The Stacks.

On top of that, The Stacks are effectively a one stop shop for anything that you may require of an illicit ilk. If you know a guy who knows a guy and you need something particular from the black market. Then the Stacks is where he’ll be fetching it from. Or he’ll know a guy who will. The risk will always come at a premium. Depending on how well everyone knows each other.

Nor is it the fact that despite all this, if you can trace any kind of lineage back to The Stacks then, chances are, you’ll be just fine. It’s known, that many a mugging has been interrupted by the revelation that the muggers old mum used to knock about with the dear old dad of the victim. A punch in the face being rapidly converted to a slap on the back and a drink at the nearest pub. If nothing else, the population down there look after their own. As long as you don’t tread on too many fingers**.

Neither the fact that there are supposedly green and bloody blue code Bob’s walking around down there. Beyond the reach even of ORDA’s reclamation gangs. The Relic Pact Audit Bureau belayed by the seemingly impervious and resolute fortress of the South Tycho City scrap tip! I even heard how some of the gang-lords down there are rocking Gen-6 bodyguards amongst their entourage’s. I call gurtz-shit on that though. I’m not that gullible!

No, despite all this. There’s something else about those twelve spires of precariously stacked piles of scrap metal jutting out from the chasm of the old tip. There’s something… off about the stacks.

I sure as shit am not going down there to find out what it is…

*During the daylight at least.

**There are a lot of knuckles dragging down in The Stacks.