A tourists guide: The Wet Docks

The Wet Docks, Cardended, BeachWald, Kokoni

The Wet Docks Can be pretty rough, yeah.

My old man told me this story about how some travelling circus from down south rocked up one day. One of their performances was a fully grown tanzer bull.

You’ve probably never seen one in real life, cuz if you had you’d look a lot less pretty than you do. Tanzers live up in the central mountains. A bull is a twenty stone solid mass of anabolic death. Teeth, claws, bad attitude. The works.

Anyway, this circus tanzer manages to break out it’s cage one night. The gaffer goes nuts and heads into the Wets. Going from pub to pub and rounding up the local lumps and hooligans. Begging them to head out into the back alleys and find this beast before it goes ape shit and starts tearing people to shreds. So, he ends up with this jumbled together lynch mob of frankly deranged, pissed up nutters combing through the winding alleys looking for a scrap with natures perfect killing machine.

They didn’t actually find the tanzer, but they had a pretty good tear up with each other while searching.

The gaffer eventually heads back to his circus. To wait for news or for the watch to turn up and ask him some direct questions.

He gets back and finds the bloody tanzer back in its cage, cowering in the corner. The brute had evidently spent an hour in the Wet Docks, getting enough experience on the locals to think ‘screw this’ and head back to the safety of its cage.