Chapter 3 4

Aftermath (Last Orders)

I don’t know what was in that container that those bozo’s had stolen. Truth is I don’t care.

Pa wanted it. Pa delivers. Always. So I said I’d get it back.

Every now and then one of my logic or empathy sub-routines will kick in. Usually says something like “Hey Denny! You know you really are nuts?!”

It’s raining… again.

I override the routine straight away.

What is it with the weather up here?

I think I’d kinda worry If that sub-routine ever stopped talking to me.

Pa delivers.

This is way off of our turf. The Perfect Crime nightclub. Home of that sack of puke The Bear and his piss pot crew.

It’s getting heavier.

I watch Benny cross the road over to the Mice Paradise noodle stall. I cross-Pa delivers-the road. Wait for Benny to pass the mouth of the alleyway.

“Hey Denny-” Shut up! Not now!

I said I’d get it back cuz that meant I’d probably get to hurt someone.

Benny doesn’t have time to make a noise when I drag him into that alley.

It’s more sheltered here.

Noodle guy says nothing.

I ask Benny nicely.

Pa delivers. But one day he won’t. Then it’s my turn.

I get my answer. I let Benny walk. I keep his noodles.

“Hey Denny! You are f***in’ broken!”