Chapter 3 1

Aftermath (The Morning After)

The first mention of the One Card Short in the archives comes from Eugen Brechers ‘History of the BeachWald Underworld’ which predates the Shaftsbury-Byron Accord by some 200 years.

The gang is believed to have originated in the coastal town of Cardended with their original members hailing from the 2nd BeachWald Light Infantry after the regiments deactivation in the years following the wars.

During it’s heyday the gang operated from ‘The Hanged Bob’ tavern in Cardended and even to this day local legends tell of a great tunnel network linking The Hanged Bobs cellars to all corners of the city and beyond.

In its golden years the gang operated freely and openly in the area. Records suggest the organisations main income stemmed from the illegal smuggling of Black Hops into Tycho City and raw Rust Mildew on the return journey back to BeachWald. At its height the gang was one of the largest employers in Cardended. Best estimates from the time indicate one in every three households were on the gangs payroll in some capacity.

Shipping records and manifests confirm the gang operated two freighters for their operations. One of which is listed as destroyed by the fledgling Relic Pact Navy in or around Mount Thumper. The fate of the second ship is undocumented.

The Shaftsbury-Byron Accord and, later, the Relic Pact rapidly decreased the One Card Shorts influence and wealth. Their decline was typical of interorbit criminal groups of the era.

The ragtag organisation which operates today is a far cry from the one which ran the trade routes so many years ago.

Excerpt from an ORDA briefing passed to Emperor Nortons Office 24 hours after the events at Tycho Crater.