Chapter 6 3

Beyond The Analogue Cliff (Three)

This guy told me a riddle once.

Dunno why.

It went something like: Some bandito had just stolen three golden statues from a temple in the jungle. He’d made good with his legs but had been spotted by the priests who had given chase. I guess these were the kind of priests who were pretty tooled up and didn’t want to just ask the guy why he hadn’t thrown in some change for the upkeep.

Anyhoo, the bandit came to the edge of this canyon. The only way across was via a haggard old rope bridge which spanned the chasm below. It would seem our bandits day job was some sort of highly qualified structural engineer as he immediately determined the bridge would hold his weight and only one of the statues.

Anyway, he made it across with all the loot and only made one journey.

The guy had leaned back in his chair with a shit eating grin on his face and asked, “How’d he do it?”

To be honest, I’d gotten bored half way through the story and didn’t care. I still don’t care. Until two days ago my only thought on it would have been that the bandit had been stupid to have gotten caught.

Now our circumstances are what they are, I guess I sympathise with him a little more.

We’ve been at Abners for too long now. Cooped up and arguing. For some reason it had reminded me of the riddle.

Metaphorically speaking, Rad and Erin have been trying to work out a way to cross the bridge with the gold. To find the actual answer. Far to much effort!

Jammer would more than likely have just thrown the gold into the canyon and crossed the bridge whistling.


All things considered I would keep the gold.

I’d stand and fight…