Chapter 6 2

Beyond The Analogue Cliff (Two)

It felt like an ending.

I mean in my lifetime there hadn’t really been a lot of hope swilling around. We were all aware that we were on the precipice of the end. We’d grown up knowing that the golden age was long gone.

But even so, right now… It felt like an ending.

We had nowhere to go. This monumental cock up had put us at odds with just about every nasty piece of shit on this damn rock. The way Abner talked made it sound like the entire underworld had got its shit together to come after us.

I guess the fact that Tycho was currently under siege and probably half on fire was kind of off putting as well. Tycho was a definite no go.

We couldn’t bloody well go home. That whole balls up with that damn hand meant that Cardended was equally risky right now.  Not that we could even get off planet anyway.

Not to mention the fact that the bloody government were after us as well. Though to be fair, we were less worried by that.

Based on Abners pitch, Rad had come up with a plan. Rad had said it would work like a dream. Jammer had said that a nightmare was a kind of dream.

It felt like an ending.

Even now, looking back, I still can’t believe that it was actually a beginning…