chapter 4 1

Bones On The Mast (One)

Someone had obviously ballsed up!

They’d made this hi-tech kiddies toy from the cutting edge materials of the time and then at the last minute they’d covered it with this horrid tatty fur. I suppose the idea was to make it comical and cute. But the end effect was anything but. The way the damn things looked at you. And the way they moved? Bloody terrifying!

They didn’t sell.

Somewhere up North there is a huge landfill site. Supposedly it’s filled with thousands of tonnes of these monstrous toys. Toys that no one wanted. An unwanted army of mechanical bears sleeping under some tower block or industrial estate.

Makes me shiver!

Amazing that, once upon a time, we had so much stuff that we could waste it on that crap!

‘The Bear’ was likely the last of ’em. They say he was boxed up in some museum or warehouse or something. Trapped for centuries.

Until , somehow, he got hold of Pa 404’s ‘Blue Pill’ firmware. He flashed his own OS and then made a break for it in a murderous rampage.

Within a couple of months he had taken over the criminal network in North Tycho City. The established gangs up here never really knew what had hit us!

We all work for The Bear now!

Where the hell was Benny?!?