Chapter 4 2

Bones On The Mast (Two)

You have to wonder… If we’d have realised that the infinite supply of Rust Mildew from The Pipes wasn’t actually infinite? What would we have done differently?

You have to wonder… If the heads of state during the decline had been less sensible or more ruthless, would we have just taken everything from each other in one final foul war?

You have to wonder… If the Golems had actually reached Tycho City before someone, no one knows who, had issued that WAIT command would the storage facility robbery have even registered? Would Norton have signed that ID Warrant? Would there have even been ORDA Agents at Farrier Junction today?

And I suppose you gotta wonder… If Jammer and Cav hadn’t stopped for tacos en route to our drop off with The Bears goons, would those ten minutes have made a difference?

Ten minutes earlier and maybe everything wouldn’t have gone so terribly wrong?