Chronicler 2112, UltraSamp Univesity

Chronicler 2112

South Tycho City, Chronicler 2112, UltraSamp University exchange student.

To understand the present, we must learn from the past.

This is not the first fall of humanity. Records from before the current age are scarce. Virtually non-existent. The scant little we do know exists only in fragments of information. The ruins of age-old civilizations, the fossil records of times long forgotten and the radiation in our soil. Ancient scars indelibly cut into our collective consciousness.

Hence, I find myself here. For the first time in my life, I am standing on the soil of the Sister World, Sako.

The need for documentation, research and archiving is pressing. Two years seemed ample when I first volunteered for this assignment. The desire to explore a deciding factor in my eagerness. Inter-orbital travel becoming less inaccessible by the day. A bursary and priority transit rights far too tempting to pass over.

Two years.

Time away from the confines of UltraSamp University. Free reign to complete the great endeavor set for us by the Fellows of the History Department. Funding assistance from The Relic Pact Government Arm itself, arranged by the Dean personally and distributed amongst the myriad other participants of this undertaking. Each with their own specific assignment. Each a distinctive facet of the greater picture. A truly monumental undertaking. The final great work.

For my part, residence in South Tycho City. The recounting of its peoples. The recording of its customs. A meticulous observer in a foreign land.

Two years.

What possible amount of time is ample for the documentation and archiving of another alien civilization in its entirety? The observation of every possible nuance from our sister civilization. Whose shadow falls on our own city twice a day, and ours on theirs. Close enough to see the artificial lights when their night side crosses our evening sky.  So closely related. The same species, separated by barely any time worth mentioning on the galactic scale. Yet, so… Alien.

To look to our future. We must record the present. Our aim, to ensure whoever comes out of this great decline shall have some means to remember us that went before. A depository of information, from the length and breadth of our three great cultures. To hence safeguard, that should anything remain, our descendants having some means to recall our deeds. And learn from our mistakes.

There is much to be done. I shall start immediately.

Know then, this is the first entry in the Journal of Chronicler 2112, UltraSamp University, Project: Tabula Rasa. A record of the peoples of Tycho Crater…