…Never Care For Anything Else Thereafter (Three)

The Blue Pill Firmware was kind of an urban myth. It was one of those stories people cracked out to illustrate our governments were up to no good. A cut and paste conspiracy theory.

The Blue Pill was supposedly a military grade A.I operating system with sequential adaption algorithms and ‘Cord Resolute’ threat identifiers. Designed to allow the chassis to override any pre-programmed directive or failsafe should the immediate threat to human life arise.

There exists no record of the Blue Pill being tested. Let alone actually being installed in any military assets.

The conspiracy theory goes that some hacker group discovered the Blue Pill had been loaded into domestic tech as a secondary operating system. A latent software, back doored into menial everyday tech.

Obviously installed by some shady government branch, in the event of rebellion or uprising. They could distribute a key word or command line and your toaster would suddenly decide to kick the shit out of you!

Again, there exists no actual evidence of any of this. There was no Blue Pill. There was no hacker group running autopsies on dishwashers. And there was never any government that had decided to weaponize waffle makers as an insurance policy against the masses.

But, I guess it was a good enough story to gain traction and endure.

When our initial investigations into the Error 404 turned up the phrase ‘Blue Pill Firmware’ we dismissed it as a coincidence.

One mistake amongst many…