…Never Care For Anything Else Thereafter (One)

To be fair, it wasn’t until after ORDA had pulled their jurisdiction bull shit that we started to make any connections. To even get anywhere.

Hell, that wasn’t even right! Before ORDA got involved we didn’t even know there was anything to look into. Just a bunch of files in the unsolved pile. No manpower. No time.

An aggravated burglary in the Quads. Two armed robberies and a high jacking of a government transport in South T. Suspected arson of an RP storage facility last fall. The ORDA guys sieved through them all and found a pattern. Found a connection.

Having linked them together they had us trawling through cold cases stretching back as far as a hundred years. We pulled shifts going through them. Dirty grotty work, time consuming and monotonous. We flagged more than enough to realise that maybe the ORDA guys were on to… something…

The briefings were long affairs. We suspected we were being kept in the dark about most of the info. But every day we were briefed and given our assignments for the day. Every day “That will be all gentlemen”, and we’d trudge out leaving the ORDA agents in the briefing room to whisper away with each other.

We ran door to door for a few months but got nowhere. Unsurprising really. This is South Tycho City after all. Nobody wants to see the Watch on their front porch.

The ORDA guys said that people weren’t talking because they were scared. They said this was a good thing. They said it meant we were looking in the right places.

For months it went on. Our guys started to get fed up. Started to talk about moving on to something better. Private security was mentioned a lot.

Then one Monday we go into the briefing room as normal. We sit and wait. The agents come in first. All suited up as usual. Then another guy. A guy with grey hair we’ve never seen before comes in. He stands in front of us, hands in pockets, rolling on his heels and inspecting the room. He turns around quickly and makes a good show of erasing the whiteboard in the front of the room. He grabs a dry wipe and writes something on the board. Something we can’t see cuz his back is in the way.

He turns around with a flourish and says with a smile “Gentlemen…”

Behind him on the whiteboard we see the writing. It just says: “The Error 404”.