Of Vuhki…

Vuhki is a mythological metal often mentioned in the Sagas and intrinsically tied to the ancient religions of AsaNui. The materials existence has always seemed unlikey here in the west. Certainly no known physical examples exist.

However, it has been noted by contemporary physicists and historians that the materials unique properties do share striking similarities with those of refined Rust Mildew and the Quantum Doppelganger Effect. Which was not discovered by modern sciences until millennia later. With the death of QDE technology, interest in vuhki has shown a rise in the past few decades. Researchers have begun searching for any potential link to help understand the mysteries of rust mildew.

A detailed description of Vuhki can be established, if one were to take the sagas at face value.

Vanishingly rare, the metal was said to be extremely light and strong. Even during its supposed heyday only the most noble of houses or the greatest of champions would have had any chance of ownership.

Supposedly the metal was extremely light. However, the weight and density of the material would increase massively for a fraction of a second upon sudden impact with another object. The metaphor I often use in my lectures is: Imagine striking someone with a feather and the resulting impact being more akin to that of a forty pound lump hammer.

The weaponization potential of the material is quite obvious. And quite terrifying. Legend tells the Oki-Hohonu* lake was created by an ancient elder. Who, in a demonstration of power, fired a single musket ball of vuhki at the horizon.

The AsaNui festival of the fire occurs every midwinter’s eve. Townships will light their bonfires and the town elders will recite the sagas of old. During the dark day’s preceding the formation of the country we know today as AsaNui. The massive eastern continent was a land of turmoil and strife. Very little hard evidence exists from the period. Today the ancient history comes mainly from the elder chants and the saga’s told on midwinter’s eve.

Here in the west, one of the more commonly known sagas is that of General KapuNeko and the three minute war.

KapuNeko’s saga begins with the Invasion of AsaNui by a belligerent neighbouring country under an ambitious and ruthless feudal Don. Smashing its way through the gap of KuroHoku, the gateway to the great southern barrens, the invasion drove south. Virtually ucontested, before arriving at the town of Towaway in the DenDao foothills. A single remaining soldier from the routed AsaNui army stood defiantly against the armoured column.

General KapuNeko armed with a giant vuhki blade, known in myth as the ‘NuiTawa’, demanded the immediate surrender and retreat of the invading army.  Demands unmet, KapuNeko began her brutal retalliation against the invaders.  With a single swing of the NuiTawa,  she entirely destroyed the front line of the tank column. With the forward line cut off by wreckage and enough confusion to prevent the rear lines retreating, KapuNeko annihilated the entire armoured division in two minutes and thirty seconds.

She spent a further thirty seconds looking bloody awesome before declaring the war over. Whereby she left the astonished townsfolk to clear the mess.

No hard evidence exists to validate the story. Indeed, modern day excavations of the area have found very little of any interest.

I tell my students the story.

The lecture always goes down pretty well.

But there is always some arsehole student who will put up his hand and ask “How did the smiths survive crafting that sword?”

*Oki-Hohunu is, by a vast margin, the largest freshwater lake on Kokoni.

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