Daydream Legion: Book 1: Essays and Observations from UltraSamp

Prelude Four

You’re a villain.

You’re a scumbag.

Seriously you are!

Think about it for a second.

You can wake up and make your wife breakfast, leave the house, wave to the neighbours and ask them how Auntie Sue is doing after the operation. You can drive to work, obeying the speed limit and all red lights. You can drop a $5 tip on the hobo who washes your windscreen at the corner of State and Main. You can make a detour on the way to pick up donuts and coffee for your work colleagues, purely cuz you’re in a super happy mood. You can get to work, scrub up and perform lifesaving surgery on some innocent little angel. Her parents could be in tears as they thank you later in the day. You can leave work happy. You can go home to your quiet life and a simple hobby. You can do all this and end the day content with the knowledge that today has been a good day. And your story is complete. You are the gold armoured, halo-wearing, swashbuckling hero of your story.

But what about the guy who you accidentally cut up this morning pulling out of State and Main? In his story, even for a split second, you are the villain. For that instant you are a worthless scum bag who shouldn’t have dragged yourself out of the pond you were born in. You’re an asshole plain and simple.

I have absolutely no idea how many people live on these two balls of rock. I couldn’t even guess. But there are millions of stories being told. Millions of heroes. Millions of villains. And you are in them. Regardless of your role. Somewhere you’re in them.

Think about it!

I’m stood on the arm of a tower crane 200 feet above the ground watching an ice cream van pull up to the front gate of a poorly lit warehouse complex and I’m thinking about it.

I’m thinking that in exactly 10 minutes and 37 seconds, I’m gonna be the villain in a lot more stories than you are.