Daydream Legion: Book 1: Essays and Observations from UltraSamp

Prelude Three

Because of the Quantum Doppelganger Effect from the fusion of refined rust mildew, every cord reactor was essentially a perpetual energy machine. Hypothetically speaking; with the correct care, servicing and maintenance a cord reactor would continue to generate power infinitely. An infinite source of clean renewable energy.

Trouble was, people forgot about the care, service and maintenance part. They were marketed as an infinite source of energy and when the reactor invariably quit through negligence the QDE would cease and the cord would wind down. And so, with depressing inevitability, the answer to our entire future became a disposable throw away item.

Which obviously became a problem when, one day for no known reason, the Rust Mildew in the pipes became sterile.

Overnight Infinite became a rare commodity.