Daydream Legion: Book 1: Essays and Observations from UltraSamp

Prelude Two

The garden is overgrown now.

The outline is there. And the old apple tree my dad had hung a swing on all those years ago. Ghosts of my childhood giggle and laugh and I can almost smell the lavender. Taste the barbecues. Probably the last place we were all together at the same time. Endless summers. Good times.

I remember Eddie. He was kind of one of the family. My dad had been so proud when he’d brought him home in his old pick up. One of my earliest childhood memories, my old man chastising us for calling him a ‘Bob’. Even then he was kind of weather beaten and worn. A little bit sad in a way. That old Gen 3 labour Rob. Old outdated technology, someone else’s junk.

My Dad had fired up that diesel engine and Eddie came to life in a cloud of black smoke. The ‘put-put-put’ of that engine… more warm memories wash over me.

Dad was the first to work out the quirks of Eddies A.I. And for the first few months he was the only one who could get Eddie to do anything. Simple jobs at first. Mowing the lawn, sweeping the deck. I remember he had his funny little ways. My dad once asked him to mow the lawn while we went fishing for the weekend. We’d come back two days later and Eddie was still mowing cuz my Dad hadn’t specifically told him to mow the lawn then stop.

After my Mom died and we all started to move on to college or work, it was re-assuring to know that Eddie was there to help my Dad. To do his garden. To keep him company.

But then they started to reclaim the tech.

I would have loved to know where Eddie ended up.