Prologue Two

We called it ‘The Dowse’.

Basically a bloody great hand cannon of a shotgun. Firing a mixture of saline, silicone and microscopic metal fibres. The idea being that you shoot any rogue tech with that thing and-BOOM-instant short circuit and shut down. Pretty damn effective to be honest. But you had to be close. And you only got the one shot.

Alternatively, all the team guys were rocking ‘Fuzz’ grenades. Non-lethal grenades that would disperse a cloud of microscopic metal strips, with pretty much the same result. Benefits being you didn’t need to be up close and in line of sight. Drawbacks being they would pretty much fry everything electrical within a fifty metre radius.

Most of the time when a forgotten tech booted up, it would flash a few lights, make a few whirring noises and that would be it. Chassis’ too rusted up and old to actually move.

If they did move, chances were, their firmware was too frazzled to be any kind of threat anyway. We’d seen Bobs that had literally punched themselves to pieces, cuz their operating systems had totally crashed.

But on those super rare occasions, you effectively had a four ton cord reactor powered juggernaut primed to go on the rampage.

The casino was not in a good state by the time we arrived. The Watch had cordoned off the immediate area. They were running things from a roulette table that had been thrown through the front wall of the building and fifty yards over the street. The watch sergeant confirmed it had all been quiet for the past hour. This could have meant the Bobs had activated on the residual power from their cord reactors and had now gone back to sleep. We assumed otherwise.

The city guys were already in hospital and their accounts gave us no clear information. Best Intel we had was that there were two Entertainment spec Gen 5 Bobs on the ground floor, active and aggressive. We were unable to find any records or manifests for the casino from when it was open, so we couldn’t confirm the exact model we were dealing with.

To be honest, I think we were too excited to be over cautious. We’d all been doing this too long and been on far too many boring calls to miss the opportunity of some actual action. So, without any hesitation, the five of us headed in.

Like I said, it could have gone better.