Seven Golden Flintlocks

There is a legend, or so they say,

Of the dread pirate Captain ‘Finnigan Fae’.

Vicious, mean and rotten to the core,

Scourge of the oceans for a century and more.

His ship The Last Laugh would fill all men with fear,

Black smoke on the horizon their end was now near.

Fel wind at his back Fae would ravage and conquer,

And send hapless victims down to the locker.

Except for one sailor who’d always be spared,

And sent back to port to pass on the word.

To fill more sailors with loathing and woe,

And the legend of Fae did rapidly grow.


But before his reign of terror began?

Captain Fae of the fleet. An honorable man.

On the last day of the age four-hundred ships of the line,

Sailed to the East for the greatest battle of all time.

Among them stood Fae and his ship The Macaw,

To the Border Isles they headed and the end of the war.

Fully eight-hundred ships met in the battle that day,

But out of the firestorm only one came away.

Finnigan Fae bought his ship and crew back,

Time healed the wounds but his mood had turned black.

Something inside him had been broken they say,

For he gathered his crew and then sailed away.

Cursing the land he’d called home all his life,

He swore to return and bring with him strife.

And then Fae was gone for a hundred years and a day,

Not forgotten. Just gone. Gone far away.


One fateful November the cruiser Grey Diamond,

Crossed paths with a ship due North of this island.

Finnigans Macaw now painted in black,

And renamed The Last Laugh launched an attack.

Fae and his crew watched the Grey Diamond burn,

And then his wrath on his homeland did turn.

For the next hundred years life for all folk was dreadful,

At the mercy of a man who drank with the Devil.


Their Navy sunk and all merchant’s gone,

The people decided a deal must be done.

One-thousand bottles containing a note,

Were cast out to sea in the desperate hope.

That Finnigan Fae would receive their message,

That all of the land would be making the effort.

To make peace and buy freedom from the dread pirate lord,

The lands greatest craftsmen were summoned and called.

To create seven golden pistols with the last of their gold,

Of such beauty and power their value untold.

Seven there were, one for each day of the week,

That Fae’s reign of terror would no longer wreak.


Under a white flag of truce the good ship Quicksilver,

Put out to sea with the guns to deliver.

Greedily, Finnigan accepted his prize,

But the gift did not quench the fire in his eyes.

The foul pirate laughed, then bitter betrayal,

He sank the Quicksilver and the he set sail,

The Last Laugh set a course for the very last time,

Back to its homeland for one final crime.

Into the bay cannons spitting their hatred,

Until every last thing lay burning and wasted.

And on that day the old world did fall,

Fae burnt it down. Fae burnt it all.

His foul deed done he put the land to his rudder,

An sailed away from all cowardly land lubber.

And that is the last anyone can for sure say,

Of the dread pirate captain Finnigan Fae.


What’s that you say? Did he really exist?

Well all i will tell you young child is this.

Look out your window at the end of the day,

Should you see a black ship entering the bay.

Run child run! And get tucked in well,

Finnigan Fae has returned and he’s bought with him hell!

He’s come with his flintlock! He’s come with his cannon!

And his foul pirate crew who follow their Cap’n.

He’s come to our home bringing fear and dread,

Lest you are fast on… Asleep… In your bed.