Essays from nowhere

“Where every day doesn’t start with an alarm clock and end with the television.”

-Chuck Palahniuk

Of Vuhki…

Vuhki is a mythological metal often mentioned in the Sagas and intrinsically tied to the ancient religions of AsaNui. No physical examples of the material have ever been identified and its existence has always been deemed unlikely.

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Seven Days in Cardended: Monday

Thousands of miles east of here there are these shitty islands. Nothing ever bleedin’ well happens there anymore, but way back when we fought a ton of wars over em.

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8 Ball Zombies

No official source or origin was ever confirmed for the 8-Ball strain of the deadly XOM-B virus. It is indeed fortunate that the outbreak in UltraSamp’s financial quarter was contained quickly. Before the virus had time to spread further afield. Only a handful of 8-Ball Zombies are thought to remain. Hiding deep within UltraSamp’s sewer network. It has been suggested that 8-Ball zombie sightings have increased over the past two years. The UltraSamp Watch has so far refused to comment on any connection between the creatures and a spate of recent missing person reports.

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