Straw Golems were used extensively by the AsaNui armed forces during the last Great War, in particular the failed invasion of UltraSamp.

At the battle of UnderCard ten thousand straw golems, controlled by over two hundred battle shaman, mustered against the UltraSamp 4th Army on the eastern front line.

The UltraSamp troops called them scarecrows. An uncomplimentary moniker intended to display the squaddies disdain for the shambling, chaotic assortment of wood and rock which constituted a golem, and imply their inferiority when compared to the gleaming ranks of cutting-edge Gen 4 Bobs which made up the two armoured battle tech divisions of the UltraSamp defensive line.

The disastrous defence of UnderCard is well documented and, for the remainder of the Great War, the name Scarecrow became synonymous with that of Bob Killer.