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During the AsaNui withdrawal from UltraSamp, Straw Golems where used primarily to cover the army’s retreat. Their prime mission was to effectively tar pit the UltraSamp counter offensive, slowing it enough to allow for AsaNui’s full retreat to their prime staging area. In this respect they performed admirably and bought AsaNui enough time to evacuate ninety percent of their ground forces from the beaches at Finnigan’s Reach.

In the aftermath of the invasion; the UltraSamp Army, along with volunteers from local militia, spent months tracking down and neutralising any remaining independent straw golems which, without their Battle Shaman controllers, were violent and extremely unpredictable.

In the end, the Straw Golems of the AsaNui expeditionary force were utterly annihilated and this moment marked the last time a belligerent nation would have any kind of military presence on continental UltraSamp.

The war itself rumbled on for two more years before the cease fire and eventual long-standing peace were established. The mutual dis-armament treaties signed during the Accords prohibited AsaNui from the conjuring of further combat model straw golems. And, in turn, UltraSamp agreed on the de-commissioning of the majority of existing combat chassis’ and a blanket ban on the future manufacture of military grade AI.

And, in the west at least, straw golems passed into history.

Until recently…

Perhaps it’s down to some sort of atmospheric disturbance caused by this century’s increase in sun spots, or maybe some residual sorcerous energy trapped in the earth under some long-forgotten battlefield. But, the random manifestation of fresh straw golems, on the plains east of UltraSamp Belsamber, has become a well-documented phenomenon.

Though rare, the rate of these random manifestations is increasing.