Operating without the need for battle shaman handlers. Elite straw golems formed the core of AsaNui’s heavy drop infantry.

Deployable at battalion strength by orbital drop onto strategically important front-line positions. ESG’s proved a menace and continual disruption to UltraSamps defensive strategies.

Their true value came from smaller scale squad deployments into rural areas. Miles from any major theatre, these small units of ESG’s would carry out guerrilla operations. With little risk of serious resistance from the local civilians. Sapping morale and causing the diversion of much needed man power away from the front lines. Had it been sustainable, this terror campaign could have altered the outcome of the war.

But, the conjuring ritual to create ESG’s was time consuming and gruelling. Severely restricting their numbers. Additionally, their service life was limited to around six months. After which time individual straw golems would begin to display serious psychological conditions. Ranging from extreme psychopathy to acute paranoia. Forcing their retirement from active service.

I believe that the creation of ESG’s came a little too close to mimicking life. A sorcerous practise forbidden under AsaNui law ever since the rebellion and the outlawing of necromancy. And it was for this reason that the ESG’s were cursed to such a short existence.

Slowly going insane as their self-awareness increased.