The Invasion of Tycho Crater (Three)

We were in the pub when we first heard something was going on. One of the drivers had just been telling us about how he couldn’t get in touch with his head office and that despite numerous calls, he just kept getting the same weird dial tone.

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The Invasion of Tycho Crater (Four)

I remember waking to birdsong.

Stupid right?

Birdsong in the middle of that din, fire and confusion.

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Aftermath (The Morning After)

The first mention of the One Card Short in the archives comes from Eugen Brechers ‘History of the BeachWald Underworld’ which predates the Shaftsbury-Byron Accord by some 200 years.

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Aftermath (Afternoon Tea)

It’s called Whale Fall.

When the carcass of a dead whale falls into the abyssal zone of the ocean floor.

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Aftermath (Rush Hour)

The stink of those god damn tin boxes. The Manticore was supposedly the best and most modern of the remaining frigates but she was still a piece of crap.

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Aftermath (Last Orders)

I said I’d get it back cuz that meant I’d probably get to hurt someone.

Benny doesn’t have time to make a noise when I drag him into that alley.

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Bones On The Mast (One)

Somewhere up North there is a huge landfill site. Supposedly it’s filled with thousands of tonnes of these monstrous toys.

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Bones On The Mast (Two)

You have to wonder… If we’d have realised that the infinite supply of Rust Mildew from The Pipes wasn’t actually infinite? What would we have done differently?

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