…Never Care For Anything Else Thereafter (Two)

Like a symphony. All the parts and all the sections slowly coming together and building to a crescendo.

There should have been riotous applause. A standing ovation. Shouts of encore.

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…Never Care For Anything Else Thereafter (Three)

The Blue Pill was supposedly a military grade A.I operating system with sequential adaption algorithms and ‘Cord Resolute’ threat identifiers. Designed to allow the chassis to override any pre-programmed directive or failsafe should the immediate threat to human life arise.

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Seven Golden Flintlocks

He’s come to our home bringing fear and dread…

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…it’s where you’re at! (one)

This photograph is from the Frontier 5 mission archives. It was taken, I believe accidentally, by the ships forward gun camera around 3 days after the ship had passed the apogee of its orbit, as the crew took bearings to make any necessary course corrections for the return flight.

Effectively just as Frontier 5 had turned the corner and begun its journey home.

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…it’s where you’re at! (two)

That such a wretched expedition could have been conceived with such a quality brandy was, on retrospect, the true tragedy.

Excusing the deaths of six men obviously.

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Seven Days in Cardended: Monday

Thousands of miles east of here there are these shitty islands. Nothing ever bleedin’ well happens there anymore, but way back when we fought a ton of wars over em.

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8 Ball Zombies

No official source or origin was ever confirmed for the 8-Ball strain of the deadly XOM-B virus. It is indeed fortunate that the outbreak in UltraSamp’s financial quarter was contained quickly.

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