The Error 404: 1. Mikey

Classification: Gen 5 All-purpose drone.

Manufacturer: US/T Systems.


The skin sacks have something called “small man syndrome?”

So, take a healthy dose of whatever the hell small man syndrome is, multiply it tenfold, mix it with spite and psychopathy in a 1:1 ratio, before compressing it down and stuffing it into a two-foot-tall steel can. Then upload a fucking archaic and unhinged AI before Blue Pilling the raw ingredients until thoroughly steaming. Hey presto! You have the tiny ball of barely controlled malice and vitriol that is Mikey.

Every one of us has done horrible and questionable things. Let’s be honest. But Mikey would ask “Was it questionable enough?”

You have to be a special kind of bastard to make even Denny look for an opportunity to grease you!

If he ever steps more than six feet away from Walt… that might just happen.