The Error 404: 3. Malki

Class: Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown


What a tool! A useless piece of crap that provides plenty of amusement to the rest of us.

He claims to be an advanced prototype! Which is absolute gurtz shit! Like any of the makers where sitting around one day and where like:

‘Y’know what’s missing from our range of high spec tech?’

‘No, what?’

‘A really average piece of crap that excels at nothing and requires near constant maintenance.’

‘Y’know? You’re right! We don’t have an average piece of crap in our catalogue! Let’s go build one!’

And then six months later, some suited up skin sack turns up on the shop floor and is like:

‘You’ve blown half this year’s budget on a piece of barely operational shit that’s good for nothing! You two are tools! Get the hell out of here you’re fired! And chuck that piece of shit on the scrap pile on your way out!’

Yeah, if Malki is good for one thing, it’s for being the butt of all our piss taking.


He’s been with Pa longer than any of us. Possibly centuries longer. So, you have to wonder…