The Error 404: 4. Eddie

Class: Gen 5 Security

Manufacturer: GoonDox Security

… on the max security wing. He was pretty good at his job to be fair. I guess he got a kick out of keeping the skin sack convicts in line.

Until some kind of admin error meant he was locked up in the same prison he’d spent a century guarding. The Governor could have sorted it but just couldn’t be arsed with the admin.

So, they slapped a KappDaff* on Eddie and slung him onto a max security wing before promptly forgetting about him.

Years later, when PRISON was decommissioned, the same Governor displayed a similar distaste for paperwork. Instead of transferring the Bob inmates planet side with the skin sacks, he elected to shove ‘em out of the nearest airlock.

Ninety-nine orbits later Eddie crashed back onto Sako, somewhere near Liars crater.

Which really pissed him off cuz he’s got a thing about even numbers.


*KappDaff is the ancient AsaNui technique of binding a possessed object to a convicted felon. Usually a rock or metal ingot. The KappDaff will hover a few feet above the hosts head and administer painful shocks in the event of any attempted transgressions.

Because of the sorcerous energy involved even Pa 404 has been unable to remove Eddies’ KappDaff.

As a work around, we spent six months convincing the damn thing that Eddie was i fact a government agent and his nefarious activities were all part of his job description.

This solution has bee successful but he will occasionally be on the receiving end of a jolt for random activities which the KappDaff deems to be illegal. Such as making a cup of tea and putting the milk in first.