The Error 404: 5. Denny

Class: Gen 6 Close Protection

Manufacturer: Classified UltraSamp Navy contractor

UltraSamp withdrew or slagged the vast majority of its military grade Gen 6 chassis’ as a direct result of the Accords.

Predictably, this advanced tech became a much sought after high ticket item on the black market. Gang lords, black hop smugglers and all other facets of the underworld would pay handsomely to count a Gen 6 ex military Bob as part of their retinue.

An ultimate status symbol, a boss without a 6 chassis on his payroll would have been considered no more threatening than any Saturday morning cartoon villain.

These same elite henchmen were the first to be repossessed by the Relic Pact at the beginning of the decline and their year long amnesty.

Nowadays only the brashest or most psychotic of gangsters would have access to such illicit technology.

Naturally, The Bear has at least six on his payroll.