Chapter 2 1

The Invasion of Tycho Crater (One)

In the end, one rogue line of code was all it took.

The North Gate went down without tripping a single warning or alarm and the Indies poured into Tycho Crater en masse. The Northern Garrison at Bolkova was overrun within half an hour of the gate going down. An entire battalion lost. Three hundred MK3 Infesta Bobs gone within thirty minutes. And no one in Tycho City was even vaguely aware of what was happening!

We saw estimates later that there were approximately two thousand Indigenous troops that had made it through the gate. Well I gotta tell ya, from my nest at Fort Malaki it looked a hell of a lot more!

By the time they had advanced to the Tortosoa Gate, someone had at least got their shit together and organised some kind of defence. The 501st where already on training exercises in the mountains and we received our deployment orders at dawn of the third day. Lucky us! 1st battalion hauled ass South, out of the inner ranges before being split up to hold the main trade roads from the Northern Pass. 2nd Platoon dug in at Malaki with orders to hold the Dattsk crossroads until the Navy got their arses in gear and provided the air support.

Thirty two knackered old ground defence Bobs with fluttering A.I and thirty nervous meat bags with little or no trigger time.

Much later we found that the upper echelon arseholes had never even forwarded our co-ords, so no air support was ever gonna come. We didn’t know that at the time of course, but we managed to hold those damn crossroads for almost a day.

Then the Golems turned up…