Chapter 2 2

The Invasion of Tycho Crater (Two)

My old man took us to see the Golems when we were kids. That was kind of my Dad’s thing, industrial history and the machines of yesteryear. I guess I was kind of too young to appreciate what they actually were at the time. All I really remember about the day was goofing around and the smell of rust and old metal. Doubtless my Dad had tried to explain their significance in some over dramatic way. I vaguely remember, me and my brother scratching our names into one of the toes with his pen knife. We must have done that behind my Dad’s back or he’d have gone spare!

Many years later, I caught sight of the Golems while driving south to some business conference. It was getting kind of dark and they were silhouetted against a pink sky on the horizon. It seemed to take forever to actually pass them, I mean they were monstrous. I was kind of glad when they were in my rear view and I watched them fade into the dusk.

Later still, when they capped off the main section of the pipes leading into Tycho, they fired the Golems up. I remember it being a big media thing. The first time in like two hundred years they’d been activated. I think they got three out of the six to actually work so I guess the other three were too far gone and there just wasn’t enough know how left in the world to get the damn things operational.

When I saw those monstrosities actually moving I wish I’d listened to my Dad… and I wish he’d been around to see it!